Distributed Microgrids Program

An equitable behind-the-meter solar & battery program available to participating CCAs' homeowners at no upfront cost to the customer.

Supply Chain / Inventory Financing

Our creative financing solutions can help expand inventory supply.

Commercial 3rd Party Financing

Focused on bringing solar to a variety of commercial applications through creative financing.

Investment Tax Credit Financing

We can help you take advantage of your solar tax credits without delay.

Distributed Microgrids

Bringing solar to communities in partnership with local CCAs, our Distributed Microgrid program offers Tesla solar and battery systems to customers at no up-front cost, with no credit check. Customers simply pay for their energy usage and battery equipment through an on-bill tariff. Locked-in energy rates over a 25-year agreement provides long-term energy pricing reliability along with grid resilience.


the distributed microgrid program offers rooftop solar along with backup battery systems


Best-in-Class Systems

Participate.Energy has partnered with Tesla to provide industry-leading solar panels and battery systems. Partners will receive the same the same customer experience as Tesla's cash buyers.

To learn more about the products Tesla has to offer check out their website.

Equitable Energy Solutions

Bringing solar to communities in partnership with local CCAs, our programs are designed to be accessible to all property owners regardless of income or credit rating. We believe in equitably mobilizing solar systems and batteries because it’s fair and integral to the future of our  communities.

We believe in a sustainable, more reliable future of energy.

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